Supplement launched to Nowrish during fasting


New company Nowrish has launched a new health and wellbeing supplement designed to help people stay health during times of fasting.

The one-a-day tablet is vegan, GMO- and allergen-free and aims to support the body to cleanse as well as provide various nutrients and herbs to make fasting physically and mentally favourable.

The supplement includes extracts of chamomile, wheatgrass, valerian root, rosemary, echinacea, turmeric, cumin, liquorice root, green tea and lavender as well as a range of vitamins.

“When you think about it, fasting is a delicate ancient practice being applied in a modern world,” said Khaldoun Shehadeh, founder and managing director of Nowrish. “The health benefits can be significant, but it can also be a time of extraordinary stress on the body as it struggles to cleanse itself while being low on essential nutrients. Our healthy fasting supplement contains vitamins, minerals and herbs that naturally support the cleansing, digestion, immune and energy production systems. It’s a modern yet natural solution for the modern world in which healthy fasting has become more difficult.”