Timotei launches “first mass market organic haircare range”

Leading mainstream haircare brand Tomotei has launched its first certified organic range under the name Tomotei Organic Delight

Brand owner Unilever claims the new products are the first prominent mass-market 100% organic haircare products.

Timotei Organic Delight is free from parabens, silicones, colourants and sulphates, and contains 100% natural fragrances and 99% natural ingredients. Up to 15% of these ingredients are from certified organic farms, enabling Unilever to secure Ecocert certification.

The Organic Delight range is made up of 180ml shampoos and 150ml conditioners which are available in a Health & Shine version for normal hair and Health & Nourishment for dry or damaged hair.

The products have an RRP £3.49, with the rest of the Timotei range priced at £2.49. The launch of Organic Delight is likely to be supported by significant marketing support.