Tisserand Aromatherapy has launched the World of Wellbeing – an online hub where consumers can access sleep advice, calming rituals, tips to boost mood or a find place to pause and reconnect.

Responding to an increasing demand from consumers wanting to enhance their wellbeing and better understand the benefits of essential oils, the interactive wellbeing hub includes tips from the experts, advice on aromatherapy oils to support specific needs, as well as activities to relieve the mind, such as positive affirmations, breathing exercises and adult colouring books.

“Wellbeing and self-care have perhaps never been more important, or as highly recognized as it is today,” says Tisserand Aromatherapy brand manager, Cat Emmett. “While our aromatherapy products encourage and enhance the act of self-care, the best results come from building a holistic approach into our lifestyles to improve our wellbeing and sustain it. By creating this free, digital hub, our wellbeing expertise becomes much more accessible and able to help more people feel their best every day.”

The World of Wellbeing ‘family’ comprises:

Sleep Sanctuary – a place for people to discover their own sleep ritual and learn to switch off, drift off, recharge and support a deep sleep. There are top tips for sleeping that can be utilized throughout the day and evening, as well as a playlist of binaural beats therapy music to deepen sleep and even aid insomnia. There is also an introduction to the Sleep Better blend.

De-Stress Retreat – a support hub to help visitors stop for a moment, take a deep breath and reclaim their calm for mind and body. As well as an introduction to comforting aromatherapy blends, the area also offers breathing techniques from yoga expert Sarah Eckersley which allows people to tackle anxiety immediately it starts to take hold.

Happy Hub – this is the place for consumers to come and find their happy place, self-express and feel great through mood-boosting aromatherapy blends and feel-good colouring book downloads to gently reduce stress and promote relaxation before bed.

Mindful Space – this has been designed to remind people to take a pause and reconnect with themselves, chill out and enjoy the moment. A guided meditation for beginners from meditation teacher Farah Rising goes hand in hand with Tisserand’s Real Calm collection. This mindful space is the perfect place to focus attention on mindfulness and the ability to be present – aware of the here and now – and fully embrace whatever is happening in the moment.