Willy’s gives ACV a twist

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) producer Willy’s has created a modern take on the old favourite with the launch of its Natural Energy Drink with Kombucha & ACV.

Designed with hydration and rejuvenation in mind, Willy’s all-natural energy drink is made using five health-boosting ingredients, including green tea kombucha, apple juice, ginger and Willy’s craft ACV with the mother.

With only a trace of caffeine and no added sugar, the drink aims to gently energize and revitalize.

The entire production process takes place at Willy’s Herefordshire farm, from growing, pressing and fermenting the apples for the apple cider vinegar to fermenting the green tea kombucha.

“Our Natural Energy Drink is grown, fermented, canned and even designed here at the farm,” explains Willy’s founder, William Chase. “The fermented ingredients trend is here to stay, especially as people chose lower sugar, more natural alternatives to the sugary and caffeine-rich giants. I’m blending my apple cider vinegar and green tea kombucha with water, apple juice and ginger to make a delicious drink that hydrates, cleanses and gives you an all-natural gentle energy boost.”