Dr.Dünner brings Swiss herbals to UK market

dr dunner

Swiss herbal health company Dr.Dünner is launching in the UK in May with a new sub-brand, PhytoVitality, developed specifically for the UK market.

Founded in 1948, Dr.Dünner develops botanical blends using handpicked herbs, which are organic and sourced from its home in Entlebuch in the Swiss Alps where possible.

The PhytoVitality line comprise blends for a number of health issues such as immunity, digestive health, liver and nerve function, stress and anxiety, energy and muscles and joints.

Products include: Nasturtium, Rosehip and Elderflower capsules with Vitamin C; Liquid Linden Blossom, Elderflower and Thyme with Vitamin C; Liquid Yellow Gentian, Melissa and Mint with Calcium; and Devils Claw, Checkerberry and Rosemary Gel; and Ashwagandha, Basil and Biotin Capsules.

“Natural health is exploding in the UK and across the world, making it the perfect time for our brand — which was founded in principles of a natural approach to health over 60 years ago — to grow,” says Robert Bastong, MD, Dr.Dünner.

“Dr.Dünner’s Swiss heritage is also crucial to its unique positioning,” adds Bastong. “PhytoVitality is an expression of Switzerland’s long history of balancing nature and science to benefit health, as well as the healthy Swiss lifestyle — it’s no coincidence that Switzerland has the longest average life expectancy in Europe.”

PhytoVitality is being listed with The Health Store and Tree of Life. A consumer launch comprising PR, social media, SEO and paid search support will start in June.