Lockdown sparks appetite for health and wellness content, says YouGov

Health and wellness

Magazine app Readly’s new Wellness Barometer, conducted by YouGov, has reported a shift in public reading habits during the coronavirus crisis, with health and wellness taking centre stage.

With health and wellness content being read 32% more now than when compared to the same period last year, the report highlights that sleep and a healthy diet are considered ‘most important’ in the public’s perception of wellbeing, with yoga following closely on their heels.

The Readly Wellness Barometer polled 2,200 British adults. Among them, 74% said getting enough sleep was a ‘vital factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle’ and 73% added that healthy eating was key to their lockdown habits, while 19% cited taking supplements as a priority.

Inspiration and information, Readly says, came from three main sources for the study’s participants: friends and family at 35%; social media at 24%; and digital magazines at 23%.

The subscription-based app also noted ‘a shift in British reading trends’ on its own platform, with its 165 health and wellness and 310 food and drink titles attracting a spike in consumer readership over the course of the pandemic. ‘Vegan’ and ‘keto’ were among the top five searched wellness-related words during May.