McDonald’s introduces organic burger in Germany


McDonald’s in Germany is offering a 100% organic burger for a limited period in an attempt to revamp its image and appeal to its health-conscious customers.

The McB burger will be produced from meat sourced from organic farms in Germany and Austria.

This follows the fast-food chain’s announcement that it will use eggs from cage-free hens and phase out the use of antibiotics in chicken products in the US.

Katya Witham, Mintel senior food and drink analyst, Germany, commented on the move: “According to a 2014 Mintel survey, one in three German consumers think that ‘organic’ is an important quality in meat, while two out of five say that it’s important to have detailed information about where meat products come from. What’s more, 31% of German meat buyers say they are prepared to pay more for organic fresh produce.

“It is therefore not surprising that McDonald’s has chosen Germany as their trial country, especially because sustainability and animal welfare is such an important political topic in the country. Indeed, Germans find high animal welfare very important when they decide which meat product to buy.”

The McB will be available until 18 November. McDonald’s hasn’t commented on whether it will roll out the burger to other markets.