NATRUE in new sustainability project


Natural and organic cosmetics standards body NATRUE is participating in an innovative new sustainability project, which will transform consumer waste into packaging for new organic products.

NATRUE is a partner in the EU-funded URBIOFIN project ‘Horizon 2020’, which runs from 1 June 2017 for four years.

Announcing NATRUE’s role in the project, Klara Ahlers, NATRUE president (see image below), said: “[This] gives another important signal for sustainability and active responsibility. The Association joined the industry consortium project to help solve environmental pollution and contribute to the transition to a renewable circular bio-economy through sustainably converting municipal waste into targeted products like cosmetic packaging.”

Ahlers was speaking at NATRUE’s Members Assembly which saw the organisation celebrate its 10th Anniversary. It now has more than 60 members, while the number of NATRUE labelled products has reached 5,000 from over 230 manufacturers in 30 different countries.

Mark Smith and Klara AhlersA debate at the meeting addressed the topic: ‘The EU Regulatory framework for Natural & Organic Cosmetics: Commitment to the future’, with keynote speakers including Joëlle Meunier (Expert Cosmétiques S.P.F. Santé Publique – Health Belgium), Dr Gerald Renner (director technical regulatory affairs, Cosmetics Europe), Caroline Chaine (secretary general of ASPA-INGRECOS; technical expert EFfCI), and Juliette Leroux (campaigner Greens/European Free Alliance, European Parliament).

“NATRUE is delighted to see how much interest there is around natural and organic cosmetics, and how the sector as a whole is moving towards greener ingredients and sustainability. It remains the case that, due to the lack of official definition for natural and organic cosmetics, private standards still play a role in supporting consumers’ decisions. To this end, by advocating for appropriate legislation to protect ingredients and promoting a strict standard, our association ensures consumers worldwide receive the quality products they expect,” said Mark Smith (see image above), NATRUE director general.

Attendees also saw NATRUE’s new film that explains how consumers can avoid greenwashing by looking for the NATRUE label on product packaging. “With over 5000 NATRUE certified products we have reached a remarkable milestone. However this achievement is far more than just a figure. We are keen to engage with those companies who share our values, and we believe in a responsibility to inform consumers of the risks of greenwashing,” said Francesca Morgante, NATRUE label & communication manager.