New Planet Organic store will be chain’s “most prominent”

Planet Organic will open its seventh London store and undertake a major redevelopment of its Torrington Road branch during what the retailer is calling its “summer of love”.

The new store, at the completely refurbished Tottenham Court Walk, will be a near neighbour of the Torrington Road branch but each is expected to “trade very well alongside the other”

Tottenham Court Walk will be Planet Organic’s most prominent store, benefitting from the immense foot traffic from the redeveloped tube station at Tottenham Court Rd, and then the opening of the Cross Rail station. Estimates of this foot traffic are 80 million people a year, which is more than the annual number of people passing through Heathrow.

The new store will cover 5000 sq ft, arranged over two floors, with food, coffee and juice service counters and grocery on the ground floor, and then a mezzanine level with seating, event space and health and bodycare. It’s expected to open in September 2015.

Torrington Place meanwhile is to be comletely remodelled and redecorated with the aim of increasing maximum capacity customer flow around the busy lunch time periods, improving the layout and increasing the floor space allocated to grocery and health and bodycare. The work, which is is being carried out during the summer, is scheduled for completion in early September. The store will continue to trade straight through.