Sara Cox gets behind ‘Why I Love Organic’

Sara Cox shared her passion for all things organic with The Guardian to promote the OTB’s £2 million ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign.

As well as nominating celeb chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as an inspiration in the interview, she nominated salt as a “food villain” and gave practical advice for families wanting to go organic.

“To anyone thinking of going organic, I’d say just choose one or two things at first, some lovely vine tomatoes or organic sausages,” she says.

“Choose what’s important to you and what your budget allows.”

At the heart of the interview Cox gave a strong feel-good message about the health and environmental benefits of choosing organic foods for her family.

“I feel happier that the food I give my family has less pesticides or hormones in it,” she said. “Organic often goes hand in hand with better farming standards too.”

The campaign, which is being rolled out over three years by marketing and PR agency Haygarth, aims to increase organic retail sales in the UK by 15%.

“We’re working with a different type of celebrity in Sarah Cox,” says Sophie Daranyi, Haygarth’s CEO.

“She’s a mum, and a genuine organic consumer – which is very important – but she also appeals to a more mainstream consumer.”

You can read the interview in full here.