Yoghurt firms launch last gasp bid to save ‘probiotic’ label

Europe’s major yoghurt brands are launching an eleventh hour attempt to prevent a ban on the use of the term ‘probiotic’, reports The Grocer.

Probiotic is one of a number of ‘general descriptors’ that will be banned from all commercial communications from December 14 when the six-month transition period for the EU Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation ends. Along with other terms – ‘antioxidant’ and ‘superfood’ – it is construed as making an implied claim.

The yoghurt firms’ trade association, the Yoghurt and Live Fermented Milks Association, is reported to pushing hard to get the term ‘probiotic’ accepted under article 1(4) of the NHCR. One leading yoghurt brand, Danone, has complained that, as they stand, the new rules on claims threatens the very existence of the probiotic yoghurt category.