Pharma Nord establishes new supplement training programme

Pharma Nord
Pharma Nord

Pharma Nord UK has created a free and comprehensive distance training programme for health stores about supplementation.

Offering 20 different modules, covering supplements including vitamin D, Q10, magnesium, fish oil, omega 7 and vitamin, as well as Pharma Nord-exclusive products, the programme is CPD-accredited.

“We believe this is the most detailed and comprehensive supplement distance CPD training programme ever created in the UK,” comments Pharma Nord UK MD Bent Henriksen. “It sets a new standard for officially accredited training for people in the health food sector about a hugely important part of their business. We know from more than three decades in the industry that customers value the knowledge and expertise which they can get from health food stores about how supplements work, and which products are best suited for their health needs.

“This programme puts that expertise within the reach of every health food store in the country, enabling them to secure training for all their staff, from experienced store managers to new recruits.”

The programme has been devised by Pharma Nord UK’s senior nutritionist, Frankie Brogan (pictured), who drew on his experience delivering training to groups including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, practitioners and sales teams around the UK.

“Whilst many health food stores have expert, knowledgeable staff, those people may not always be available, may leave the business or may be too busy running the store to keep up with latest trends and developments in the industry,” says Brogan. “The training programme aims to help experienced staff get the lowdown on the latest thinking as well as assisting new starters to get a solid grounding in how and why supplements work.

“Each module can be completed at an individual’s own pace and in their own time, meaning that staff don’t have to spend time away from the shop floor in order to expand their knowledge. Stores and individuals can choose how many and which modules to take, from one or two modules on particular products to the entire programme. Successfully completing each module will give participants CPD points as well as increasing their store of knowledge.”