NZ research claims calcium doesn’t benefit bone density

Research published on the British Medical Journal’s website, has concluded that “for most individuals concerned about their bone density, increasing calcium intake is unlikely to be beneficial.” The two studies looked at by the researchers from Department of Medicine, University of Auckland, and Department of Public Health, University of Otago, in New Zealand, featured participants […]

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BetterYou helps ‘banish the buts’

Natural health company BetterYou is officially supporting National Vitamin D Awareness Week this year. Taking place from 19-25 October, the aim of this year’s event is to ‘banish the buts’ surrounding all the common misconceptions regarding vitamin D. The campaign, now in its third year, focuses on educating people on the importance of vitamin D […]

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BetterYou reveals its sensitive side

The latest addition to the BetterYou range is a magnesium spray specifically formulated for sensitive skin. The BetterYou Magnesium Oil Sensitive Spray has a lower concentration formula – 15% magnesium compared to 31% for the Original – to prevent the itching and tingling that some users can experience. The product has undergone extensive dermatological testing […]

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TV doctor likens long-term vitamin supplementation to cigarette risk

The medical researcher and presenter of BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor, Dr Chris Van Tulleken, has likened long-term vitamin supplementation to the risk of cigarette smoking. His comments came in a discussion on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show prompted by recent studies in Britain and America which led researchers to conclude that vitamin supplementation […]

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