Plenish enriches plant-based offer

Enriched M*lk
Enriched M*lk

Plenish has introduced a new line of 100% plant-based Enriched M*lks that it claims are the most nutritionally packed dairy-free milks on the market.

The three-strong range of unsweetened Plenish Enriched M*lks – Almond+, Oat+ and Soya+ – is fortified with nutrients including iodine, omega-3 and vitamin D, which to date, the brand says, have not been available in a plant-based milk.

The range is made with organic, sustainably-sourced almonds, oats and soya and is available in handy 500ml on-the-go bottles.

The Plenish Enriched M*lks boast 27% more calcium than milk, up to 90% less saturated fat and up to 92% less sugar. A single serving providing 50% RI of vitamin D.

Plenish has partnered with environmental scientist Joseph Poore from Oxford University to conduct a life cycle analysis of all three products and found that throughout their total life cycle, they create 70% fewer carbon emissions than dairy.