M&S ups the vitamins (and minerals)

Marks & Spencer is expanding its range of vitamin and mineral enriched food products with the launch of a range of ‘super tomatoes’ fortified with selenium 

A growing body of research has shown that immune system-boosting antioxidant may prevent some types of cancer. However, many people in the UK are not getting sufficient quantities of the mineral — found naturally in foods such as Brazil nuts, shellfish and liver — from their normal diet.

Dr Carina Norris, of the Nutrition Society, told the Daily Mail that the average person consumes well below the (daily) target of 60microgrammes for women and 75 for men.

M&S produce technologist Dr Simon Coupe told the paper: “We want to make it easy for our customers to eat healthily and our new tomatoes are win-win – the taste of summer with a boost for your immune system.”

The development comes hard on the heels of the retailer’s launch of a vitamin D-enriched milk, yoghurt and juice range