After launching in 2017, a new feature has been added to the website in the form of a Marketplace for retailers.

Described as a one-stop shop, it enables buyers to shop across multiple brands, check out with a fast easy payment and get a single multi-brand delivery within three working days.

“As a supporter of independent retail over many years, we have seen numerous challenges this year and so we wanted to provide an easy platform for retailers to use, that is accessible 24/7, with low minimum orders and exclusive brands,” explains Thyme owner Rachel Tweedie. “We are always looking at how to improve our offering to stores, we have recently updated the search and user functionality on the website, and so the Marketplace was the next innovation.”

we wanted to provide an easy platform for retailers to use … with low minimum orders and exclusive brands

“We already have a number of key brands signed up including Yogi Tea, Dr Organic, Dr Stuarts and Creemi to name a few,” adds Tweedie.

Commenting on the move, Dave Christie, founder of Take on Goliath, says: “We have several brands that we manage listed on thymestore and we receive regular orders. The new Marketplace is a great addition to the site, as this will make our products available to more stores, who are looking to order across more brands.”

The Thyme logistics warehouse is Soil Association accredited, making the Marketplace an ‘ideal location for brands to place stock and for retailers to shop’.

Thyme is currently looking for more listings and is interested in helping to launch upcoming new brands.