Following its recent partnership with School in a Bag, Wiley’s Finest UK has now teamed with OrganiCup to provide girls and women in Ghana with menstrual cups through a fundraising campaign with the British charity.

Until 1 October, Wiley’s Finest UK will donate 20% of sales of each bottle of its Beginners DHA and Elementary EPA to School in a Bag’s Ghana initiative, which distributes bags filled with educational resources to disadvantaged children, and now OrganiCup will provide 400 menstrual cups to young women and their mothers through the scheme.

With a study finding that 95% of girls in rural areas of Ghana reported missing school during their periods, the long-lasting OrganiCup silicone cups will remove the need for sanitary pads and tampons, which girls often can’t afford.

No girl or woman needs to be ashamed of their period, nor should they miss out on vital education

“Our partnership with OrganiCup has increased the impact of our fundraising campaign exponentially,” explains Wiley’s sales director Savio Joanes. “Now we are helping to deliver not just SchoolBags filled with life-changing educational resources, but also life-changing resources for young women who often can’t afford the period products they need each month. Every pound we raise through the sales of our children’s omega-3s products now goes a lot further.”

Adds Soo Cieszynska, UK brand manager for OrganiCup: “No girl or woman needs to be ashamed of their period, nor should they miss out on vital education. Our OrganiCups help women in their daily lives and are easier, healthier and greener.”

“All three partners involved are in perfect alignment,” comments School in a Bag founder Luke Simon. “The addition of menstrual cups in the SchoolBags of Ghanaian girls will mean less school days are missed. By adding cups for the mothers too, we hope to help make generational changes to improve quality of life and a pathway out of poverty for families, as well as helping the mothers be the pioneers of change.”

Photo credit: Period Link