Mexican oregano hits UK market

EHL Ingredients has launched a premium Mexican oregano onto the UK market .

This authentic Mexican variety features the dried leaves of the perennial herb Lippia graveolens and was launched in response to customer demand for an authentic Mexican Oregano herb.

Tasneem Backhouse, sales director at EHL Ingredients comments: “Mexican food is reaching new heights of success in the UK, both within in-home dining and eating out. Consumers love the freshness, value, range of flavours and speed associated with the cuisine so fine food stores, ingredient outlets and wholesalers should ensure they are using authentic ingredients to guarantee a successful product.”

“We decided to launch the product following demand from our customers for a premium quality, versatile Mexican oregano herb and we trialled many varieties before selecting our unique blend. We are confident that demand for authentic herbs and spices will continue to grow as consumers become more knowledgeable about international flavours thanks to travel, celebrity chefs, restaurant experience and home cooking. It’s essential natural product stores stay ahead of these trends and ensure they offer ingredients to keep shoppers coming back for more.”