DLux 4000 Vitamin D Oral Spray


Providing your essential daily dose of vitamin D, BetterYou’s brand-new DLux 4000 Vitamin D Oral Spray is a max-strength formulation, ideal for those at-risk of a vitamin D deficiency, including those with malabsorption disorders and those over 100kg.

Suitable for elevating vitamin D levels, the pill-free supplement delivers 4000 IU (100μg) of bioavailable vitamin D3 directly to the bloodstream via the inner cheek, providing a convenient and effective alternative to traditional delivery methods.

With a vegetarian-friendly, palm oil and palm oil derivative free formula, DLux 4000 supports the immune system, aids normal muscle function, and maintains normal bones and teeth, while contributing to normal blood calcium levels.

Reducing the amount of waste in the ocean and reusing a waste source, the great-tasting natural peppermint flavoured spray is contained in a bottle made from ocean waste plastic, which is 100% recyclable.

RRP – £9.95

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Tel: 01226 814 030