Instant sports nutrition with Lory® Crumb by Loryma

Ingredients specialist Loryma is expanding its Lory® Crumb portfolio with two new varieties made from rice flour and milk protein. The extruded flakes can enhance both the texture and nutritional profile of instant products such as porridge or pudding. Thanks to excellent swelling properties, the end product has a homemade texture and is ready in just a few minutes, depending on the temperature of the liquid added. The extrudates are available in different variants and can be used on their own or in combination. This makes it possible to achieve targeted nutritional profiles with a focus on protein or carbohydrate content, or both.

The extrusion process gives the ingredients a rapid swelling capacity. This allows for easy preparation with an authentic texture. Both versions are suitable for clean label products. Furthermore, consumers can flavour the end products as desired, and add other ingredients such as dried fruits.

Rice-based Lory® Crumb is an ideal source of carbohydrate, while the milk protein and potato starch variant offers a high protein content of 48.5 per cent. Both ingredients are also low in sugar and fat, with their balanced nutritional values making them an ideal pre- and post-exercise snack.

Thomas Eilermann, Product Manager of Crespel & Deiters Group, explains: “Our Lory® Crumb ingredients enable manufacturers to create easy-to-prepare instant products that stand out from the crowd thanks to their appealing texture. In addition, the all-natural ingredients improve the nutritional value of finished products, making them particularly tempting for sports enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers.”