Wicker Basket | Tea Spritz 4.8%

Wicker Basket is the UK’s first alcoholic tea spritz RTD (ready-to-drink) brand.

The drinks are refreshing, refined and tasteful made with only natural ingredients, lightly sweetened with organic raw cane sugar.

Currently 2 flavours are available in 250ml can :-

  • Vodka, Darjeeling Tea, Pear & Cardamon
  • Gin, Jasmine Tea, Lychee & Rose

All drinks are additives free, gluten free, vegan and 100% plastic free packaging and use recyclable cans. All teas come from Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) suppliers in order to guarantee fair pay and working condition.

RRP: £3.50

Bright Cocktail Co (trading as Wicker Basket)
Tel: 01273 569295
email: [email protected]