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Natural beauty and health blogger: The Glow Getter
Ailish Lucas is a multi-award-winning natural beauty, health and wellness blogger known online as The Glow Getter. Lucas works with iconic natural brands and has a large public readership, bridging the gap between industry and consumers. Lucas founded the first online green beauty and wellness summit dedicated to helping readers glow from the inside and out.

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Ailish Lucas
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    Learning from LA: trends from the Indie Beauty Expo

    April 18, 2018 Guest Comment, Natural Beauty, Opinion

    Natural beauty, health and wellness blogger Ailish Lucas reports from the Indie Beauty Expo in LA to bring us some of the key trends coming out of the US which are worth paying attention to

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    There is a new crowd on the scene

    July 6, 2015 Guest Comment, Opinion

    They are hip, happening and there isn’t a tree hugger in sight – actually if it looks good on Instagram there might be. They’ve been looking after their bodies, practising yoga, meditation and mindful eating and have realized that it’s not just what goes into your body that counts, it’s also what goes onto your […]


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