There is a new crowd on the scene

They are hip, happening and there isn’t a tree hugger in sight – actually if it looks good on Instagram there might be.

They’ve been looking after their bodies, practising yoga, meditation and mindful eating and have realized that it’s not just what goes into your body that counts, it’s also what goes onto your body. And they want more. More from the natural beauty world than products just being nasties-free. They want something that gives them results, is just as good as big-label cosmetic brands and lasts just as long too. They want brands that care about the environment, what they put back into society and how they manage their relationships with suppliers. It’s a pretty big ask I know, but I’m one of that crowd. And this is where the natural beauty industry is (slowly) starting to shine.

More and more skincare brands are popping up, providing uh-mazing products that can transform your skin from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in a matter of days, and not only this but the way they run their companies is everything we want it to be and more. There are ideas on how to recycle packaging, information online about their suppliers, how they put back into those communities, and the great work they do to help the environment. The only problem is that not enough people know about them. The way to get through this ickle pickle is through collaboration. Get a conversation started on YouTube, bring bloggers from the health, wellness and beauty industry together to learn more about the brands and help spread the natural beauty word, and don’t forget about the 30+ market. These are the ones who have money, are happy to spend it but won’t thank you if you’ve sent your anti-ageing products to a 20 year old to demonstrate on YouTube (apologies to my younger blogger friends, I still heart what you do!).

Looking to 2016 (because let’s face it, this year is going so quickly, I’ll sneeze later and it will be Christmas Day already), more natural haircare brands will start to emerge on the scene, a few more natural salons will pop up (hurrah!) and I’m hoping the natural cosmetics companies will stop dragging their stilettos and start giving us more amazing products that aren’t just from the ‘famous five’. The ever topical subject of ‘greenwashing’ will still be there but this will only tarnish those brands reputations as the years go on, so to those companies, a bit of advice: stop saying BS, because you’ll get found out. Trust me. And us girls lurrve to talk. On a final note (yes, I know I can waffle), I can’t wait to see more collaboration between brands and bloggers. Video and mobile are the platforms to be on (anyone else obsessed with Periscope yet?!) and I’m genuinely excited to see the ‘behind the scenes’ footage of collaborations and the work our amazing brands are doing. Give me real life, give me collaborations, give me, well, more. Because it’s time to kick the non-natural world into touch, natural beauty is THE place to be. And now is our time to shine.

Ailish Lucas