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Plant-based profusion

With celebs investing in vegan brands, certified launches rising and availability improving, the plant-based sector has never looked healthie

Get your Christmas stock-in!

A well-planned festive promotion will help you end the year on a high, writes Jim Manson, ahead of Christmas

The ‘health triangle’ of winter wellness

Jo Caird runs through the A-Z of how to support your customers in achieving optimal winter wellness this year

The brilliance of honeybees

Rosie Greenaway gets a taste of the bee products market and discovers a few sweet surprises along the way.

Slimline tonic

There’s a new dawn beckoning in the slimming and detox category, writes Denise Barrett; harsher regimes are giving way to a balanced approach

Going beyond green

As insiders shift their focus from green beauty to blue beauty, Rosie Greenaway takes a dive into this mysterious sub-section of beauty.

Alt-milk movement

In the past year we’ve seen court action, legislation regarding the use of dairy-based descriptors and concerns raised about sustainability.

Authentic ageing

Following a backlash against the whole concept of ‘anti-ageing’ in the beauty industry, this phrase is being shunned as attitudes shift.

Facing down fatigue

Chronic tiredness and fatigue have dogged the nation big time, and never more so since the spectre of COVID and its myriad of implications.

Riding the wave of hydration

Rosie Greenaway hears tales from the high seas and learns from an elite athlete why hydration means everything for performance

Lunch bunch

As we tentatively emerge from lockdown, Jane Wolfe unpacks what’s on offer for those heading back to the office seeking a quick, nutritious lunch...

A balancing act

Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but the term was coined by toxicologist Nikolai Lazarev in 1958. 

Stories from the post-Brexit frontline

Well known figures from across the sector share their experiences of doing business with the EU in the new post-Brexit trading environment.

Made to measure

Jane Wolfe enters the world of personalized wellness to discover what’s available to consumers wanting to take control of their health

Styling it out

The rise of refills has created a fresh entry point for those conscious consumers eager to get their eco on, says Matt Chittock.

Colour pop

That old childhood adage ‘eat up your greens’ has moved on, writes Denise Barrett, to a new generation of rainbow-coloured superfoods.

Blood, sweat and fears

From syncing your schedule with your cycle, to paid leave for loss of pregnancy, Rosie Greenaway discovers what’s trending in women’s health.

You’ve got male

Men are now outspending women in the quest for optimum health, reports Matt Chittock – so how should health stores adapt?

The daily dose

From canned drinks to oral sprays, Rosie Greenaway discovers it’s not all pill-popping when it comes to keeping deficiencies at bay

Free and easy

With ‘free-from’ now used as a broad term to encompass any foods free from any unwanted element its original function can get overlooked.