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A balancing act

Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but the term was coined by toxicologist Nikolai Lazarev in 1958. 

Stories from the post-Brexit frontline

Well known figures from across the sector share their experiences of doing business with the EU in the new post-Brexit trading environment.

Made to measure

Jane Wolfe enters the world of personalized wellness to discover what’s available to consumers wanting to take control of their health

Styling it out

The rise of refills has created a fresh entry point for those conscious consumers eager to get their eco on, says Matt Chittock.

Colour pop

That old childhood adage ‘eat up your greens’ has moved on, writes Denise Barrett, to a new generation of rainbow-coloured superfoods.

Blood, sweat and fears

From syncing your schedule with your cycle, to paid leave for loss of pregnancy, Rosie Greenaway discovers what’s trending in women’s health.

You’ve got male

Men are now outspending women in the quest for optimum health, reports Matt Chittock – so how should health stores adapt?

The daily dose

From canned drinks to oral sprays, Rosie Greenaway discovers it’s not all pill-popping when it comes to keeping deficiencies at bay

Free and easy

With ‘free-from’ now used as a broad term to encompass any foods free from any unwanted element its original function can get overlooked.

Fit for future

COVID-19 has placed good health in old age firmly into the spotlight, but are people more savvy about investing in their wellbeing?

Terra vision

The Prince of Wales’ new Terra Carta symbolizes a new spirit of collective action on sustainability, writes Jim Manson.

The flavours of the world

Globetrotting may be off limits, but Rosie Greenaway tours the Foods of the World sector to see which foreign influences are on shelves. 

Face value

Rosie Greenaway learns the importance of taking your face off at the end of the day to avoid skin breakouts and the dreaded maskne.

From baby bust to baby boom

Despite a predicted decline in birthrate, Kate Miller highlights the reasons why it’s always a good time to stock up on baby products 

Pandemic pantry

Rosie Greenaway takes a walk down the ambient aisle to browse the perfect store cupboard staples for a well-stocked pandemic pantry.

A kinder cleanse

Jane Wolfe takes a dip into the plastic-free bathroom aisle – from razors to shave bars, toothpaste tablets to shower gel pills – and...

Grey matter

From the impact of dementia on women to the ‘long COVID’ syndrome experienced by many, Jo Caird makes a mind map of the brain health sector.

Back to the future

The natural health industry is taking a joint approach to bone health, blending proven treatments and new approaches, writes Matt Chittock

Eat, sleep, move, repeat

Rosie Greenaway shares a checklist of products which health stores could offer to active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Sweet dreams

With lockdown inducing us to hanker after sweet treats to lift our spirits, Jane Wolfe looks at healthier options to satisfy cravings