Organic September (once known as Organic Harvest Week) springs back onto the scene in – you guessed it – September, bringing with it a multifaceted approach to ‘raise awareness, drive reappraisal and inspire action’. To achieve this, the Soil Association (SA) says it will be drawing on the strength of its ‘campaigning muscle’ to connect the issues Brits care about while offering organic as a solution. 

With organic already in 85% of homes, the campaign will harness the scale and existing popularity of organic products and produce to attract newcomers while encouraging established devotees to increase their spend. 

The campaign coincides with celebrations of 50 years of certifying organic products. While the revelry has been spread out over the year – perhaps you were present when that giant cake was presented on the SA’s stand at NOPEX? – it is during Organic September 2023 when Soil Association Certification will fully rejoice in the memories gathered over a half-century of existence. From humble beginnings to its current 70% licensing share of UK organic food and drink, the certifying body has spent 50 years fighting for rich, robust soils, animal welfare, increased biodiversity and healthy food which leads to ‘happy bodies and minds’. 

One more trip
So let’s home in on each of the campaign’s individual levers: Awareness – the aim is to ‘highlight the integrity and longevity of half a century of organic; Reappraisal – the SA intends to ‘drive greater connection with organic by highlighting the heritage, trust and reassurance’; and Action – the former slogan of ‘one small swap’ will be joined by ‘one more organic trip’ to coax consumers into increasing their organic basket size or shopping for organic more frequently. 

The objective of these three levers is to ‘reinforce the emotional connection with organic by reinforcing what organic delivers in terms of benefits and celebrating the local provenance where relevant, eg leveraging British’.

Niamh Noone, Soil Association senior market manager, explains further: “2023 marks 50 years of organic certification, and we’ve got big plans for this year’s Organic September. This year our campaign will raise awareness of the role farming and our food systems play in the climate and nature crisis, and prompt reappraisal of organic as a solution. This campaign will be targeted to inspire public pressure on Government and encourage those buying organic to make one more trip. Organic is climate action, and we will be drawing on 50 years of organic certification as the proof point, showcasing our incredible organic businesses and celebrating those who work hard to produce the highest quality organic products in a way that works with nature, not against it. Join us to hear all about it and discover how you can get involved.”

Since day one
One brand getting involved is Clearspring, which this year marks its 30-year anniversary. Founder Christopher Dawson tells NPN that certification has been a priority since the company’s inception. “We’re very pleased to say that we have been certified organic since day one – back in 1993. Clearspring was founded as a business to help promote and support the very best organic artisanal food producers. Even before Clearspring was founded, I lived and worked in Japan for 18 years helping producers to comply with international organic standards and to achieve certification. To this day our mission remains to ‘work and play to convert an acre of land back to organic each day’, and organic certification is integral to that mission.” 

Dawson began how he meant to go on: by certifying his entire range from the outset. “We started with 17 essential Japanese food and drink products which were all certified in 1993 and included Clearspring Miso, Tamari, Green Tea and Brown Rice Vinegar.” 

Many organic brands will share Dawson’s view that ‘organic certification is of vital importance’, not just to individual stakeholders but to ‘the industry as a whole’. “Consumers … want the added reassurance that organic brands are what they claim to be and have gone through the rigorous additional checks and audits that certification requires. Organic certification gives the Clearspring brand a positive identity in the marketplace. With more consumers looking for cleaner, healthier and sustainably produced products, organic certification is an established and recognized way to provide clarity to shoppers that by choosing organically certified products they are receiving a quality guarantee and helping the planet.”

Clearspring’s marketing activity this autumn will bring its birthday milestone together with the Organic September campaign. “We are creating a range of point-of-sale materials for retailers to use in store and online and also launching a special ‘30 for 30’ campaign. The campaign will highlight 30 Clearspring products that reflect some of the amazing organic artisanal and innovative products that we have introduced over the past 30 years and tell each product’s unique story,” says Dawson. 

To get involved with Organic September, the SA recommends: signing up to receive Trade News; submitting a case study; downloading the campaign action pack; identifying your brand’s key moments; engaging colleagues and stakeholders; and getting in touch with your ideas via [email protected]

A story from Suffolk

After inheriting Aspall Hall in 1722, Clement Chevallier, ‘a pioneer of his time’, wrote the first page in the Aspall story by commencing production of traditional ‘cyder’ in 1728. As time passed, Chevallier’s legacy was passed from generation to generation, with each family member sharing an ‘obsession with apples’ and playing a pivotal role in developing Aspall into the household organic cyder and vinegar brand it is today.  

Descendant John Barrington Chevallier, nicknamed ‘JB’, is referred to as ‘one of the most amazing characters within the family’; fruit grower, cyder maker and proactive advocate of Suffolk’s agricultural offer, JB was responsible for the first major modification to the original 1728 apple press. His daughter, Perronelle Guild, neé Chevallier (pictured), took up the reins of the business in 1940. She converted the Aspall estate to organic and became a founding member of the Soil Association in 1946 alongside Lady Eve Balfour whose philosophy for a ‘living soil’ informed the first organic standards released in 1967. The 1970s saw a new era, with Perronelle’s son John Chevallier Guild at the helm; under his guidance the brand expanded from cyder into organic apple juice and organic cyder vinegar and earnt its stripes with Soil Association Certification. 

As the longest standing holder of SA accreditation, Aspall’s head of commercial (vinegar), Harry Kester, says that to this day the brand remains proud of its heritage and commitment to organic, which all began with Guild’s concerns over ‘the impact of intensive farming practices on the environment and the natural world’. “At Aspall we take immense pride that being organic has been part of our business for over 75 years, and we feel privileged to have such a unique and rich organic story woven into the fabric of our business thanks to Perronelle’s pioneering spirit that has been passed through the generations.”   

 “At Aspall, organic isn’t just a temporary trend; it’s integral to our brand and a testament to our rich heritage. Being organic means embracing a culture of sustainability, respecting our environment, and preserving its natural resources for generations to come.

 “Our passion for organic is not only a reflection of our deeply-held principals and desire to produce the highest quality products, but also a celebration of our customers’ continued appreciation for our organic vinegars, with our original organic cyder vinegar voted by the public to be shortlisted in this year’s Nation’s Favourite category in the Soil Association BOOM Awards.”

Fifty years of Organic Certification

The Soil Association (SA) Certification scheme is launched – today it is the UK’s largest and oldest organic certification body, licensing over 70% of organic food for sales

Aspall becomes the SA’s first licensee

Guy Singh-Watson launches an organic business
(in 1993 it begins delivering boxes to 30 friends – the start of Riverford)

EU Standards are launched – organic is now protected by EU law (regulation 2092/1991 covered organic farming and the labelling of products from it – what you could and couldn’t include)

Jan and Tim Deane set up the first UK organic box scheme, Northwood Boxes

The SA’s Responsible Forestry Programme begins

The Woodmark (FSC scheme) is launched

Updated EU Standards now include livestock products and create legal codification of animal husbandry standards, giving vigour to welfare claims

SA Certification hits milestone: 700 licensed food producers

There’s no place for GM in organic – ‘The most effective way to ensure your diet is free of GM is to buy organic’

Organic September begins as Organic Harvest Week

The SA publishes Organic Standards for textiles, health and beauty, providing certification in these new sectors, and later becomes a founder member of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Tolhurst Organic (Iain Tolhurst) is the first to attain the ‘Stockfree Organic’ symbol

Research shows the positive nutritional difference in organic crops, dairy and meat

SA Certification launches the first Best of Organic Market (BOOM) Awards

‘What you can say’ – guidance for marketeers, retailers and food producers – is launched in conjunction with the ASA

The organic market breaks through £3 billion, signalling ten years of consecutive organic growth

Research reveals that the SA organic symbol offers a vital ‘shortcut’ to reassurance, trust and quality, and underpins the integrity of organic brands.


Hot stocks

Pop that Prosecco
Certified organic, vegan, low-cal and lower sugar, ThinK Wine’s award-winning sparkling Prosecco is a crisp tipple boasting clean notes. Also available as a Rosé Prosecco, the brand describes it as an ‘elegant and fresh drink’ which pairs well with nibbles. The use of pea protein in the clarifying process circumvents the need for animal derivatives commonly used in wine-making. 

Breakfast with Biona
The result of the brand working on the ‘peanut project’ for five years, Europe’s first organic hi-oleic peanut butters have landed, thanks to Biona. Argentinian hi-oleic organic peanuts contain 30% more healthy fats than other peanuts and are naturally ‘sweeter and richer in taste’. Free from palm oil, the product offers two variants: Super Crunch for lovers
of texture, and Dark Roast for those seeking a smoother mouthfeel. 

Organic energy
Pitched as a cost-effective, space-saving and simple way to make organic energy balls at home, new Energy Bite Mix from Organic Traditions blends 100% organic ingredients into
a powder which can be bound together with any liquid or nut butter of choice. With two flavours available – Original and Chocolate – each serving contains 6g of fibre and the assembly instructions are featured on-pack. 

From groves to loaves
Sliced Gluten Free Olive Bread by Dillon Organic packs multiple organic seeds – including flax, sunflower and pumpkin – and juicy green olives into convenient low-carb slices. Designed with diabetics in mind, this high-fibre sourdough loaf is filling, free from gluten, preservatives and dairy, and made without yeast or other baking agents.


Sweet & Savoury Organic Biscuits

Island Bakery
Tel: 01688 302223
E-mail:  [email protected]

Since 2001, Island Bakery have been making award-winning organic biscuits in Tobermory on the Hebridean Isle of Mull. The biscuits are all made in a purpose-built bakery on the island, which is fuelled entirely by local sources of renewable energy, including wood ovens and electricity generated from wind and water.

Choose from 8 varieties of sweet biscuits – Lemon Melts, Orange Melts, Lime Melts, Chocolate Gingers, Blonde Chocaccinos, Shortbread, Oat Crumbles and Apple Crumbles. There are 5 gift tins of shortbread to choose from. Or, for a more savoury palate, our Isle of Mull Cheese Biscuits should not be missed!


Clearspring Organic Cold Pressed Oils

Tel: 0300 373 1919
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All Clearspring’s Organic Cold Pressed Oils are made using the finest quality nut and seed ingredients, all of which are sustainably grown, offer full traceability and are packed full of flavour. To ensure they have a minimal impact on the environment, their oils are all certified organic and are non-GMO. Additionally, their olive oil farmers use a method called ‘scuotitura’, to shake the olives off trees, minimising the impact on wildlife, especially nesting and sleeping birds.

Clearspring’s range includes 17 delicious and diverse oil varieties ranging from their best-selling Organic 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to speciality varieties including organic Avocado, Safflower, Hazelnut and Walnut Oil. 


Seeded Gluten Free Sliced Bread 275g

Dillon Organic Ltd
Tel: 07932 648095
E-mail:  [email protected]

Makers of the delicious Keto breads, Dillon Organic have just launched this new tasty Gluten free sliced bread in 2 flavours (Seeded and Olive) packed full of organic seeds including Sunflower, Flax, and pumpkin. No preservatives, additives, gums, fillers or other nasties. Gluten and dairy free, vegan, low carb and high fibre. The Dillon Organic founder designed this product to be filling and suitable for diabetics. It is made using a gentle sourdough, without the use of yeast or other baking agents. 

Seeded and Olive flavours both available through CLF, Suma, Essential, Queenswood, and Independent Irish wholesalers.


Organic Flaxseed Oil 500ml

FSC    Bee Health Limited
Tel: 0800 083 0356
E-mail:  [email protected]

FSC Organic Flaxseed Oil provides a rich source of Alpha – Linolenic Acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid and Steric Acid which are essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are nutrients which cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from the diet. ALA contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Our Organic Flaxseed Oil is certified and approved by the Soil Association. The organic flaxseeds are pressed at a very cold temperature, using a cold processing method which does not require any use of solvents.


Intensive Skin Recovery Cream

Obvs Skincare
Tel: 07845 802400
E-mail:  [email protected]

Obvs Skincare, a trusted multi-award-winning brand, specialises in natural and organic solutions for problem skin. Formulated by Sian Louise, their COSMOS Organic & Vegan Society certified Intensive Skin Recovery Cream is ideal for those with eczema, psoriasis, or acne. Their products are sustainably packaged without plastic and have received rave reviews and media coverage. Sian developed these transformative skincare products while undergoing IVF, inspired by her own struggle with hormonal acne. Obvs Skincare proudly leads the way as the first Soil Association Organic & Vegan Society Certified brand to introduce innovative, 100% biodegradable packaging. Experience their plant-based, plastic-free approach today!


Pius Vita Organic Superfoods

Pius Vita Superfoods
Tel: 07536 981994
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Pius Vita Superfoods specialises in premium organic highly nutritious products. Our diverse range of organic products includes Matcha powder, Moringa powder, Turmeric latte, Ginger tea, Coconut sugar, Coconut oil, Chia seeds, Camu Camu powder, Maca powder, Chai latte, Cinnamon powder, and Cacao powder. Each product offers unique health benefits and are ethically sourced and crafted to maintain exceptional quality and sustainability. We strive to provide our customers with natural, nutrient-rich products to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our wide selection of organic superfoods aim to empower individuals to incorporate wholesome nourishing options into their daily routines and encourage wellbeing. 


Feel awake with Morning Berry fruity tea

Pukka Herbs
E-mail: [email protected] 

Organic herbal tea company, Pukka Herbs, announces the launch of Morning Berry – Caffeine-free blend of bold flavours, uplifting rooibos and hibiscus flower. 

Morning Berry is an awakening combination of 100% organic, fairly sourced, highest-quality herbs for a deliciously fruity and revitalising flavour. Since it is caffeine-free, Morning Berry gently awakens you for a positive start to the day. This unique blend is bursting with blackcurrant, blackberry and blueberry for a mouth-watering fruity taste. 

Morning Berry is Pukka’s fairest blend to date, comprised of 80% Fair for Life-certified, and 15% FairWild-certified ingredients – helping workers, farmers and everyone involved to live better.


Tel: 01782 528611
E-mail:  [email protected]

Golden Greens Organic are the leading range of organic superfoods sold exclusively to Independent Health stores.
A family run business Golden Greens focusses on supplying the best quality organic ingredients from all over the world. Each ingredient is separately tested for pesticides despite being from organic cultivation to ensure the highest standards.
With over 60 products to choose from you can ensure your customers have the widest choice of products to choose from during Organic September.
Support the brand which is committed to Independent health stores!


Yogi Tea® Ashwagandha Balance Organic

Yogi Tea distributed by Euro Food Brands
Tel: 01604 821200
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We prepare to celebrate Organic September with a new tea! Fruity, balancing and calming, Yogi Tea® Ashwagandha Balance is the perfect companion for when the nervous system seeks calm and confidence. The vitamin C of the acerola cherry naturally supports your nervous system, in combination with a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. This delicious blend with ashwagandha, passionflower and acerola cherry is the tea for everyone who seeks stability. For a perfect brew, pour 250ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag and allow to infuse for 5 minutes. Enjoy!


Wellbeing Favourites 

English Tea Shop (UK) Ltd.
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Wellbeing Favourites is the go-to wellness tea gift with our most-loved blends crafted with your wellness in mind. Bursting with flavours, the pack comprises 40 tea bag sachets across 5 of our specially blended teas crafted with the best of nature’s finest ingredients sourced from our organic farmers.

From refreshing citrussy teas to spicy vegetal blends, the flavours of wellness cover many different taste profiles. Our Wellbeing Favourites pack includes our signature Chai Black Tea, Pure Green Tea, Happy Me, Shape Me and Lemongrass, Citrus & Ginger blends, all of which combine into a delicious wellness-inducing brew.