From syncing your schedule with your natural menstrual cycle, to receiving paid leave for loss of pregnancy, Rosie Greenaway discovers what’s trending in the world of women’s health in 2021

If it seems like women’s issues are hitting the headlines a lot at the moment, it’s because they are. 

It’s been widely reported how women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic (from rising domestic violence rates and juggling employment with home schooling, to giving birth alone and making up a large proportion of the frontline workforce) – so much so that the United Nations warns it could set gender equality back decades. 

But in some corners of business, women’s issues are being addressed at corporate level; online bank Monzo declared it will offer employees two weeks additional paid leave if they have been affected by loss of pregnancy, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion – and it’s extending this to partners and surrogate mothers, in recognition that ‘pregnancy loss doesn’t just affect women or heterosexual partners’. 

Channel 4 announced a similar policy; and in May the broadcaster released a documentary presented by Davina McCall – Sex, Myths and Menopause – laying bare some long-standing taboos around menopause which Brits are still too embarrassed to discuss. The beady eyed among you might have spotted a tube of Yes Yes Company lube in one scene. After the show aired, the brand posted on social media that it was ‘thrilled’ to be featured. “Still in awe … This was without doubt the best researched and presented film with all the best interviewees covering the most important aspects, with an outstanding amount of honesty from Davina [McCall].

“What an incredible programme it was! It’s left us feeling empowered and excited about the next steps for education and conversation around menopause. We’ve got a gut feeling that this documentary will be a game-changer for women’s health. A must see for all.” 

No ‘get out of jail free card’ 
While there’s no magic bullet for the hormonal highs and lows women experience during each menstrual cycle, there are remedies which can offer some reprieve during that monthly roller coaster. In the supplements sector, the latest ‘hormone hero’ is a product by the same name, brought to market by femtech start-up Yoppie in March. 

From Yoppie’s survey of 1,494 UK women aged 19-54, it was discovered that 79% of women feel they ‘lose’ between one and seven days each month due to PMS. As the brand rightly points out, ‘having a period isn’t just limited to the days we actually bleed’ – the reality is, the build-up can be worse than the bleed. We’re talking all the usual symptoms: tender breasts, fatigue, dizziness, cramps, nausea, boating, back ache, cognitive ‘fuzz’ or clumsiness, and a yo-yo of emotions – aka ‘mood swings’. For some women the period itself is almost a relief after days spent in a pressure cooker of unpleasant symptoms.

Given the huge impact this monthly cycle is having on 79% of the women surveyed, it comes as no surprise that 58% also reported that it’s not only their personal lives that are impacted, but their professional ones too. Just 32% said their workplace has a period policy which permits them to work from home; more than half (58%) thought such a policy would enable them to be more productive during their period. It’s something Yoppie founder Daniella Peri wants to see become more commonplace. 

Peri says there is a ‘widespread belief that women use their menstrual cycle as a get out of jail free card when it comes to work’. “This simply isn’t true. PMS symptoms differ drastically from one woman to the next and in some cases, they can be very severe.” When the symptoms hit and women start to feel ‘off their A-game’, she adds, the last thing they’ll feel like doing is heading into the workplace and pretending they’re fine. “But many women do it month in, month out.” Peri urges more businesses to give period policies ‘some serious thought’. “If the current landscape has taught us anything, it’s that remote working can work and so why shouldn’t we embrace this when it’s needed rather than when it’s forced upon us due to a pandemic?”

“Our cycle is like an internal tracker, telling us if something’s out of sync. It’s like a hidden friend.” 

In the meantime, Yoppie is supporting customers with a trio of NPD to help them face PMS symptoms head-on and go about their normal lives. Hormone Hero alleviates bloating and fatigue; Mood Food eases the emotional side of things, including anxiety and irritability; and Super Soother manages physical symptoms such as cramps, headaches and breast soreness. Each one is available as 21- 28- or 35-day doses, to enable women to sync their intake with their cycle length.

The absolute pits
It’s safe to assume that nobody wants to smell bad; strong body odour can be socially embarrassing, after all. In the quest to tackle sweaty pits, many eco-conscious consumers veer away from aerosol deodorants – not only have aluminium-based antiperspirants been famously linked with breast cancer (thus far hypothesized but unproven by the scientific community), but they are a huge contributor to air pollution. 

In April, the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the University of York reported that aerosols have overtaken cars ‘as a source of dangerous smog’, due to the high level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) they release into the air. City smog aside, they’re also a key contributor to indoor pollution. “In enclosed spaces, where we spend most of our time, high concentrations of VOCs can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and lung irritation to nervous system damage and some types of cancer,” wrote the institutions. 

But preventing unpleasant body odour isn’t one-size-fits-all. “Everyone’s deodorant experience is very personal, their bodies will react differently, and they have different lifestyles, experiences and preferences,” says Sarah Binns, co-founder of Barnes & Binns General Store. “Stocking a variety of different deodorants allows us to discuss all of these elements and help people to find the product that suits them. It is important that a product is both effective but also packaged in the most Earth-conscious way. We want to give customers a product that not only works but can be safely disposed of and isn’t toxic to them or the planet.”

New to Barnes & Binns’ shelves are Cacao Deo – a brand customers requested – and Zerolla, which join two popular house favourites: Earth Conscious – ideal for ‘customers who do a lot of sport’; and The Natural Deodorant Company – available as ‘active balm’ or ‘gentle cream’, the latter being free of sodium bicarbonate, which can cause blocked armpit pores and in extreme cases cyst-like lumps in some women. For customers who are sensitive to this key ingredient, the store recommends bicarb-free Biork – ‘Very long-lasting but doesn’t have any scent and so not for everyone’.

While health and allergies are drivers of sales, most of the store’s visitors are ‘trying to reduce their environmental impact’. Whatever the motivation, Binns says for many customers the journey of finding the right deodorant is tricky. “We have found deodorants to be a more challenging swap for people. Customers can be a bit sceptical about them working or are maybe put off by the cost. Also the concept of a deodorant cream that you either put on with your fingers or spatula seems a bit of a barrier. We always advise/reassure people that it may take a bit of time for your body to adjust and that you may have to try a few different products to find the one that suits you. We use our own personal experiences to help people and are very honest and unbiased. They all have their different merits. Once customers do find one that works for them, they stick with it.” 

The fight for fertility
Talk to the average group of women and you’re likely to learn that while many spend puberty and early adulthood fearing unplanned pregnancy, in later life it’s quite often the opposite, with concerns creeping in about whether they can in fact conceive if and when they choose to. 

There are plenty of ways modern lifestyles can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to conception. A growing catalogue of studies link endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to female reproductive problems, but they don’t just affect women; in 2017 a major study by epidemiologist Shanna H Swan revealed that over the past four decades, sperm counts
in Western men had fallen by more than 50%. In her latest book – Count Down: How Our  Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race – Swan points the finger at EDCs in the environment which are ‘hijacking our fertility’. 

These ‘sneaky chemicals’ can infiltrate food and drink, and they’re present in many household products by way of phthalates and other disruptors which ‘may be lurking in your home’. “Numerous industrial and agricultural chemicals can seep into the water supply, and so can pharmaceuticals, which aren’t even monitored by your water supplier, so you really don’t know the full extent of what you’re drinking,” says Swan. 

While ‘knowledge can be powerful’, it can also ‘scare the daylights out of you’, she says, but learning how to dilute the presence of EDCs helps women make positive choices to aid their fertility goals. She advises creating a ‘safe haven’ at home, beginning by filtering your drinking water. It’s a preemptive action endorsed by organic pioneer Craig Sams, who often speaks of the harmful xenoestrogens found in tap water. “There isn’t a single source of tap water in the country that hasn’t got Atrazine in it,” he comments. Choosing fresh, unprocessed, organic food where possible is another recommendation, and certainly washing any non-organic fruit and veg may help.  

In the supplements sector there are also proactive steps that can be taken by women wishing to start a family. For fans of BetterYou it all starts with a new family-focused range, created in collaboration with Madeleine Shaw, which includes two products aimed at women who are trying to conceive. The first fertility-supporting oral spray is called Conception, which blends seven essential nutrients – vitamin D3, iron, folic acid, selenium, zinc, thiamine and iodine – to prepare the body for pregnancy. The formulation contributes to normal cell production and supports maternal tissue growth. Then, when the time comes, it can be followed up with the peppermint-flavoured spray Pregnancy, designed to calm nausea and address flagging energy levels. 

It’s just a phase
“When we talk about routines, we often think on a daily basis, but what if there was a better way to plan your routine, and it revolved around your hormone cycle?” This was a question posed by Natracare in a recent blog, and it’s a concept picking up support as women seek to better understand their cycles. 

For Jen Wright, creator of the Life Aligned planner, the discovery of cyclical living came after a bout of burnout. After learning how to plan her life in harmony with menstrual, lunar and seasonal cycles, Wright began mentoring small businesses owners about work-life balance. The planner helps women ‘work smarter by recognizing and harnessing their own ebbs and flows’, allowing them to tune into physical, mental and emotional changes, so their schedules remain balanced. 

For Betty Lewis-Griffiths, life and cycle coach, a similar epiphany occurred during a trip to Bali. “I’d always had a really busy work life and often felt frustrated by the lack of productivity and procrastination I was experiencing at various times of the month. I learned the tools to track my cycle properly, and not just so that I know when my period is due, but to really understand my changing energy levels too. It changed my life.” 

Wanting to educate others, Lewis-Griffiths created The Soulful Cycle Box – ‘the most important biology lesson you’ll ever have’. It’s a curation of products and tools to celebrate ‘the magic of the menstrual cycle’ and encourage women to ‘celebrate their bleed’, make their cycle work for them and find joy in it. The toolkit includes: Wild Power by Alexandra Pope; full moon and new moon ritual cards and notebook; aromatherapy bath soak and candles by Senses by Sim; Period Faace mask; vegan artisanal chocolate; teas to ‘comfort’ and ‘awaken’; a cycle tracker; and access to self-care tips, meditations and breathwork guidance.  

“Our cycle is like an internal tracker, telling us if something’s out of sync. It’s like a hidden friend,” explains Lewis-Griffiths. “When you know where you are … the way you treat yourself is completely different. You know how to plan, when you’re most productive or when you need to rest. It’s changed the way I am with myself.

“While women are curious and crave connection, many aren’t fully aware of their cycle. At school, we’re taught to plan ahead for that time of the month by always carrying a tampon, but what we aren’t taught is the power of our cycle and we often don’t learn about it until we’re perhaps trying to conceive, if ever. 

“This box brings everything together to teach women how our moods and energy levels fluctuate … getting clear on why we find ourselves flowing with ideas one minute and with a creative block the next.”

And, she adds, with lockdown easing, many women feel ‘overwhelmed or overstimulated at the thought of the return of their busy lives’, so The Soulful Cycle box also aims to support them on that journey.


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