Tackling taboos

With ethical alternatives now appealing to a wider audience, and with a broader choice of natural, organic, safer and more transparent personal care products on the market, Sharna Waid talks to the brands which are not only shining through with progressive innovation in plastic-free, sustainable alternatives, but are also breaking taboos with their activism vigour

There was a time when sustainability and personal care were two terms that did not automatically sit together. That’s not surprising given that the personal care industry has received criticism for unethical business practices, creating plastic waste and not changing the conversation around taboo subjects. 

At the time of NBN going to print, #EarthOvershootDay took place on an earlier-than-anticipated date of 1 August, meaning the planet had consumed a year’s worth of resources in just seven months. This sobering realization means that industry needs to work together to help reduce its carbon footprint with the introduction of more sustainable practices – and quickly. 

We’re now seeing brand activists with clear environmental messages who are trying to shift conversations around personal care ‘intimate area’ items (which nobody really wants to talk about). And it’s these brands that are, quite critically, challenging the lack of education around conventional personal care processes that have arguably caused a breaking point with the planet.  

Environ-menstrually conscious
A recent example of this is how sustainability pioneer Natracare joined forces with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) for the Time to Sea Red campaign – a Plastic Period Protest march on Brighton beachfront in July which helped raise awareness of the environmental impacts of period waste on the UK coastline. 

“There is a great need for industrywide changes to be made, not just to the specifications, but also to some of the claims being made that do not always stand up to scrutiny or laboratory analysis. Natracare has spent the past three decades fighting the cause alone and loudly,” says Susie Hewson, founder and CEO of Natracare. 

Gaining national coverage, the unique campaign not only tackled the environmental issues of sanitary products, but also sparked conversations around periods – traditionally kept hush-hush. 

OHNE is also a cause-driven sanitary product business. It provides Soil Association-certified, pesticide-free organic tampons that can be delivered straight through the letter box. 

“We’re fed up of seeing tampon wrappers designed to look like sweets, products that contain nasty toxins,
and dated advertising that continues to suggest that periods are something to be hidden,” says brand co-founder Nikki Michelsen.

“That’s why OHNE is more than just a tampon subscription service: we’re a knowledge platform. We want everyone to have access to the reproductive health education they deserve because we’re so done with the stigma, miseducation and taboos,” she says. 

“We’ve also partnered with School Club Zambia, and for every box of OHNE tampons you buy, you’re helping to build brand new toilet blocks in rural Zambian schools and provide schoolgirls with menstrual education,” explains Michelson. 

As approximately half the world’s population is female, the potential impact of eco menstrual products is far reaching, and we are now seeing more and more environmentally-friendly reusable and disposable products come to market, catering to all preferences. 

As examples, ORGANYC has extended its eco-friendly tampon product range with a bio-based plastic Compact Applicator Tampon, made with over 90% bio-mass and sugar cane; London start-up DAME is in the midst of campaigning to launch the world’s first reusable tampon applicator; and the number of reusable menstrual cups on the market has increased dramatically in recent years.

Cleaner pits for the planet
Eco-friendly products don’t stop at feminine hygiene, but extend to other areas of personal care. 

Danielle Kyriakides, buyer at Panacea Health & Beauty, comments: “Customers are savvier with their shopping. Our regular customers ask more questions – whether bottles are recyclable or microbead-free, for example – and these have become features that may sway their purchasing decisions.” 

Listening to consumer demands, Ben & Anna has introduced a plastic-free range of stick deodorants made with a 100% recycled paper tube packaging which can be disposed of in the waste paper collection. “The reason for the change was … the horror stories about plastics in our oceans. We thought, hang on, we have such a great green product, every ingredient is certified natural or organic, but at the end we put it in plastic packaging. This is nonsense. That was the start for us to think about paper packaging,” says Marco Hülsbeck, Ben & Anna business partner. 

Eco-friendly oral care 
Oral hygiene products, too, have come under scrutiny for plastic pollution. As more and more plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfill and oceans, sustainable brands are providing plastic-free alternatives for these everyday disposables.  

“We have just launched WooBamboo Toothpastes and our customers love the fact that the tube is made from plant-based plastic and completely
eco-friendly ingredients,” says Kyriakides.

Natural and zero waste oral care company Georganics is ‘passionate about making a difference’ to the planet. “We offer products that are environmentally sustainable. That’s why we use plastic-free and biodegradable packaging to ensure every product is recyclable or compostable. Our ingredients and packaging are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturing partners to reduce emissions,” says Georganics’ founder Alesandro Rocchi.

What’s more, innovative alternatives like bamboo brushes are now creeping their way into the mainstream, sitting beside conventional oral care products in larger retailers. The Humble Brush Co – the Swedish bamboo brush developed and supported by dentists – is now stocked in Boots, Superdrug and Waitrose. For every Humble Brush purchased, a donation goes to the Humble Smile Foundation, set up to deliver comprehensive and sustainable preventative oral care to vulnerable children around the world. 

Driving change 
Many natural and organic brands are not afraid to challenge stigmas and encourage consumers to choose safer and more sustainable alternatives through impactful campaigns – and consumers are listening. 

“Brand activism ought not be about style or trend, but directing deliberate change that brings about better outcomes for women and the global ecology,” comments Hewson. “Activism is important in effecting a change in standards and the law, if necessary. That takes more than trendy packaging and a three-word brand slogan. 

“Activism on all levels – personal, organization and brand – encourages people to think more critically about their consumer choices.
The joining together of all of these forces is what drives this change. It is important for other brands to do their bit and to be transparent about what the raw ingredients are and their true environmental impact.”

Image credit: OHNE.


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