Daylesford makes use of surplus vegetables in new range


As part of its move towards zero waste, Daylesford has created a new line of organic ferments and pickles using excess or wonky fresh vegetables from its 28-acre market garden in the Cotswolds.

The idea came from one of its Cookery School tutors, Jason Christie, and will ensure that Daylesford will use most of the seasonal ‘abundance’ from its garden.

There are six products in the new Ferments and Pickles range, all of which are packaged in reusable, recyclable glass jars:

  • Kimchi – this raw product has been created to utilize gluts from the garden and has a sour, hot flavour with a pleasant acidity and slight effervescence
  • Sauerkraut – another raw product made with excess fresh veg, this has a sour flavour and a pleasant crunch
  • Piccalilli – Daylesford’s first batch is made with cauliflower and cucumber
  • Turmeric Pickled Cauliflower, Cucumber and Carrots are all pickled in a cider vinegar made from excess market garden cider, contrasting the fresh veg with sour pickling liquid and warmth from chilli and turmeric.

Daylesford has also recently launched an Organic Macaroni Cheese ready-meal as well as a four-strong line of organic vegan cooking sauces, comprising Cauliflower Mornay, Spicy Tomato & Fennel, Vegan Bolognese and Smoky Butternut & Corn.

And finally, in partnership with No1 Botanicals, Daylesford has introduced five 330ml herbal-infused waters: Infused Hemp & Turmeric Water, Ginger Water, Rose Water, Holy Basil Water and Lavender Water.