We’re not bitter anymore

Fruit and vegetables are increasingly having their tart and bitter flavours bred out of them as growers aim to please the ever-sweeter British palate. As a result, we are rapidly turning fruit and veg into junk food. That’s the warning from science journalist Marta Zaraska. Writing in New Scientist she explains that the compounds in […]

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Diversify plant foods to boost health benefits say Harvard researchers

Diversifying plant foods – adding in more wholegrains, nuts and pulses – could provide more health benefits than aiming for higher fruit and veg intake, say researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health. The researchers, who reviewed 16 large-scale studies on the effects on fruit and vegetables involving 833,000 people, found that health benefits […]

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Up to 98% of fruit and veg contains pesticide

The amount of food contaminated with pesticide residues has nearly doubled in a decade, a new report from the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) reveals. Pesticides On A Plate, which uses official government data on pesticides (last updated in 2011), shows that half of all fruit and vegetables contain pesticide residues – rising to 98% for […]

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