Organic kids’ food brand Ella’s Kitchen has teamed with the RSPB in a long-term partnership to protect and restore 30 million sq ft (278 hectares) of UK wildflower meadows and grassland by 2030.

As well as helping to protect and restore the homes of birds, bees and bugs, the 30 by 30 partnership will see Ella’s Kitchen collaborate with the RSPB to learn how it can further embed nature across its business.

Through seed sowing, plug planting and allowing natural regeneration, the initiative will help transform species-poor grassland into ‘meadows alive with colour and buzzing with life’ and protect existing wildflower and grassland meadows, vulnerable to climate change and erosion.

Throughout the partnership, RSPB will manage and monitor biodiversity change and species-richness across the project areas to measure its impact on birds, bees, and bugs.

“At Ella’s, we want to do everything we can to protect nature, our pollinators, and our little ones’ futures,” comments Ella’s Kitchen CEO Mark Cuddigan. “By working with the RSPB not only can we help protect and restore vital wildflower habitats across the UK, we want to continue to learn about the challenges our little ones face and how we can tackle them.

we want to educate and inspire on the importance of nature in a sustainable food system

“Across our business, from our partners and suppliers to parents and their little ones, we want to educate and inspire on the importance of nature in a sustainable food system. Only by acting together can nature win and we can help to ensure that every little one grows up on a healthy planet, that has plenty of food, and which is buzzing with life.”

Adds Beccy Speight, Chief Executive at the RSPB: “Nature is facing many threats, from the destruction of habitats to pesticide use and climate change, resulting in problems like the loss of pollinators. But it’s not too late to intervene.  Ella’s Kitchen is facing into these challenges through targeted action in this new partnership that is both good for nature and good for people.

“Businesses have a crucial role to play in addressing the dual nature and climate crises, and partnerships like this that seek to restore and sustainably manage ecosystems and restore the biodiversity that we all rely on are so important. I’m delighted to see our reserves working side by side with Ella’s Kitchen in their drive to help pollinators and feed future generations, while protecting and restoring spaces that are vital for nature.”