Start-up brand FYX has launched with a duo of ‘healthy and hydrating’ ready-to-drink collagen-infused spring waters: FYX Body and FYX Beauty.

Made with natural ingredients and created to provide a convenient daily boost of collagen, each FYX 400ml bottle contains 2,500mg of Naticol marine collagen blended with spring water and just four other natural ingredients.

FYX Body Collagen Water is a berry infusion with top notes of antioxidant and immune-boosting raspberry, acai berry to help boost stamina and revitalize cognitive function, and lower notes of white tea chosen for its weight loss benefits and aloe vera for skin hydration and wound healing.

The FYX Beauty Collagen Water has fresh citrus ingredients blended with pure spring water to refresh and re-energize. With top notes of antioxidant lemon and lime to rejuvenate and help flush impurities from the body, moringa tea is also included for its amino acid content that can help burn calories faster. The lower notes are aloe vera to help improve hydration and skin elasticity and lemon balm to reduce fatigue and promote a good night’s sleep.

“I wanted to create a collagen drink with the right balance, texture and consistency, that tasted amazing and could be enjoyed at any time,” says Theresa Williams, who co-founded the company with Andy Mass. “It had to be genuinely refreshing and contain a range of health benefits. FYX is the realization of that dream and together with mine and Andy’s 50 years’ experience we’re now ready to deliver FYX to the market.”

The drinks have just 31 calories per bottle and contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients. They will be available from 16 April, initially on the brand’s website but shortly afterwards in natural food stores, independent health outlets and gyms.