Oatly brings dairy-free Oatgurt to UK


Swedish brand Oatly has launched its dairy-free yoghurt alternative, Oatgurt, into the UK market to offer consumers a product that tastes just like ‘normal yogurt’, with a similarly creamy consistency.

Available in Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry and Greek Style – with the Plain and Greek Style having no added sugar – Oatgurt comes in a sustainable pot made from up to 70% renewable sources.

“After being so popular across Europe, we’re now introducing our line-up of four Oatgurt flavours to the UK,” says Oatly UK general manager Ishen Paran. “Branching out our product range even further and launching such a food staple with Oatgurt shows our continued commitment to making it easier for people to switch from dairy to oat.

“We hope our Oatly fans will echo the same level of buzz as us around Oatgurt and we can’t wait to see their reaction. We’re looking forward to people finding their favourite flavour and continuing to develop new ways for people to easily switch to a more plant-based diet, whilst helping the planet at the same time.”

The product is a source of calcium, iodine, and vitamins B12 and D.