Paleo Foods Co launches ‘nuttiest’ Almond Drink

the paleo co

The Paleo Foods Co has introduced what it says is the nuttiest UHT Almond Drink in the UK.

According to the company, incorporating 9% almonds – compared to an average of 2-3% for other brands – gives the milk a creamy texture and taste as well as providing up to five times more protein at 8.3g per 250ml serving.

The new Almond Drink contains no stabilizers, emulsifiers or gums; just almonds and water.

“After experiencing phenomenal success launching the UK’s very first grain-free granola range, we wanted to keep innovating and offer our customers the very best in health food and drink, using only real ingredients,” says Claire Dinsmore, ‎ The Paleo Foods Co founder.

“Consumers are tired of diluted almond milks, with low nut and nutrition content, packed with nasty ingredients like gums and thickeners to compensate for this.

“We’re delighted to offer a super creamy, all-natural and high quality almond milk containing a mega 9% almonds, making it Britain’s nuttiest UHT almond milk! With just two ingredients, we want to show that simple, quality ingredients speak for themselves.”