Natural Products News shines a spotlight on a handful of the latest launches, campaigns, award wins and more from natural and organic brands and businesses

SeedsMunchy Seeds has introduced six new combinations available in 125g packs: Breakfast Boosters Seed Mixes in Super Berry Goji Berry, Chia & Cranberry; Totally Tropical, Coconut, Mango & Banana; and Cacao & Apricot, Cacao, Apricot & Date; and Savoury Sprinkles in Toasted Tamari Mega Omega 7 Seed Mix; Spicy Peri Peri Chilli, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Mix; and Warm Cumin & Fennel Sunflower, Pumpkin & Cumin Seed Mix. “Our new Savoury Sprinkles and Breakfast Boosters … give people a clear use for our delicious, flavour-packed seed mixes,” explains co-founder Lucinda Clay. “From adding to salads, soups and savoury dishes, to blending in a smoothie, using in porridge or granola, or mixing into yogurt, we’re setting out to show the nation just how easy it is to add seeds to your daily meals.”

Optibac has served up a natural, 4-in-1 supplement to support immune, digestive and gut health with its new Kids Gummies. Friendly bacteria, vitamin D, calcium and fibre have been formulated together with real fruit juice for an effective and tasty gummy that children aged 3-plus can enjoy daily. “This formulation has been a long time in the making,” explains Kerry Beeson, nutritional therapist at Optibac. “We worked closely with parents to ensure everything was 100% natural without compromising on the taste, as we know better than most it can often be a struggle to successfully encourage kids to take a supplement. It’s our mission with Kids Gummies for children to feel their best, whilst also making things that bit easier for busy parents too.”

The latest addition to Viridian’s cognitive range is Brain Support Multi, a daily multivitamin and mineral formulation featuring a blend of 22 nutrients including vitamins to promote brain health and function, together with bioavailable minerals and selected phytonutrients. The formulation contains iodine, iron and zinc which all contribute to normal cognitive function, as well as a high dose of choline together with brahmi extract at the therapeutic dose. Comments Viridian’s technical director Aimee Benbow: “Brain Support Multi is an ideal daily food supplement to support individuals who may not be getting the necessary nutrients from their diet, whether due to limited access to nutrient rich food sources, following a particular lifestyle or custom.”

Peep Club’s Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray has been formulated with wild harvested colourless sea buckthorn oil and sodium hyaluronate to relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome, working to hydrate eyes inside and out. Sea buckthorn oil spreads across the tear film to help lock in the moisture of tears, naturally protecting eyes from drying; and sodium hyaluronate strengthens tears and protects them at a cellular level, fortifying tear fluid for better hydration and working on the eyelid and under eye area to help hydrate, plump and protect the delicate eye skin. The product is alcohol- and preservative-free, vegan and made using organic ingredients. It is suitable for sensitive eyes, contact lens-wearers and can be used over make-up.

Ahead of World Sleep Day (19 March) Sensory Retreats has launched its new Dreamy Eyes self-heating eye mask designed to enable consumers to drift away and connect to their happy place. The mask has a soothing and relaxing jasmine scent which, combined with the gentle heat and blackout properties, helps relax tense, tired eye muscles, easing wearers into a deep state of relaxation ready for sleep. Ideal for those who struggle to sleep, or suffer from computer-related eye strain, the masks are also great for children who’ve had too much screen time. The individual foil-wrapped masks hold their heat for about 25 minutes. Included with each pack is 85-minutes of free Crystal Sound Healing music to enhance the pampering and help rebalance chakras, as well as a deep relaxation experience from Hello Hypnotherapy.