Chocolate-covered VMS solutions from Dome Vitamins

Dome Vitamins is launching in September with a three-strong range of innovative iron-rich supplements in the form of real chocolate domes designed to help with low iron, painful periods and pregnancy.

Rich in flavour and polyphenols, the milk and dark chocolate domes have been formulated by nutraceutical scientists and are made using Fairtrade cocoa with no chemical fillers.

Iron Assist features microencapsulated iron for high absorption and has been specially designed for a sensitive tummy. With no bitter aftertaste, the dark chocolates offer the added benefits of vitamin C, B6 and B12 to combat fatigue.

The dark chocolate Dome Vitamins Period supplements have been designed to infuse iron into the bloodstream and replenish what is lost during menstruation; they are also enriched with vitamin C, B6 and B12.

Described as ‘the holy grail’ of formulations, Dome Vitamins’ milk chocolate Pregnancy & Prenatal supplement features microencapsulated iron, liposomal Vitamin C and D and buckwheat-enriched folate. Buckwheat folate offers slow and sustained release to ensure maximum and prolonged foetal uptake, making it the ideal form to support a healthy pregnancy.

The brand says the Pregnancy & Prenatal domes are morning sickness-friendly and deliver exactly the nutrients required during pregnancy, as per Department of Health recommendations.