Gourmet Spirulina Nibs Petals and Crunchies(1)

Spirulina goodness gets the gourmet treatment

Gourmet Spirulina, the first spirulina food range, has launched in the UK in a bid to take spirulina from dietary supplement to tasty superfood. The new range of convenient foods consists of Crunchies, Nibs and Petals which are rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants, and have a high phycocyanin rate of between 18% and 25%. […]

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Giving chia a crunch

Chia bia has launched a new range of gluten-free biscuits – Chia Crunch – incorporating the increasingly popular superfood chia seeds. The selection of biscuits – which the company says is the first of its kind – comprises Blueberry & Almond; Chocolate Chip; Lemon Crunch; and Ginger Crunch. All the biscuits contain chia seeds which […]

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