New Prunus Spinosa 6X Drops from Weleda

Prunus 6X Drops
Prunus 6X Drops

Weleda has introduced Prunus Spinosa 6X Drops to help those left feeling sluggish and washed out after a virus or numerous colds.

The herbal medicine drops are made from biodynamically grown blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), hand-picked from hedges at Weleda’s Derbyshire gardens. The mother tincture for Prunus Spinosa 6X Drops is produced from the fresh handpicked shoots, which are harvested immediately after the blackthorn flowers when the leaves put on new growth.

Blackthorn is traditionally used to help strengthen and stimulate life forces that have been depleted through ill health or at particularly demanding times. It is often recommended by anthroposophic doctors after feverish illnesses like flu, which can be very draining.

Users can take between five to seven drops in water, three times daily, until symptoms improve.