SIMICINA provides natural answer to UTIs

As a natural solution to the common problem of urinary tract infections (UTIs), herbal medicine and supplements brand Bio-Health has produced Simicina.

The nutraceutical food supplement contains organic cranberry capsules in one container and D-mannose capsules in the other, both of which have been shown to support a healthy urinary tract.

Surrey-based urologist Ashwani Kumar Sood, who consulted on the development of Simicina, says he recommends cranberry and D-mannose at the dose of 400mg and 550mg respectively, two or three times per day, to many of his patients. “In the patients that I see who suffer recurrent UTIs and cystitis-like symptoms, I would expect approximately seven out of ten of those taking cranberry and D-mannose to respond well, which may avoid the need for multiple courses of antibiotics in the future.”