Lifeplan introduces Super Herbs range

Super Herbs

New from Lifeplan comes a three-strong range of Super Herbs high strength one-a-day botanicals.

As well as having added vitamin C and manganese, Lifeplan Super Herbs Super Strength Curcumin also contains piperine for effective absorption. “One of the main issues with curcumin is absorption,” explains Julie Lamble, Lifeplan Nutritionist. “The body finds it hard to break down and absorb into the blood stream. There are several studies that have demonstrated how adding piperine to curcumin aids absorption.”

Super Strength Cranberry with added vitamin C 1200mg offers all the health benefits of cranberry but with no sweeteners or sugar and in a handy one-a-day format. Cranberries contain a high level of the active proanthocyanidins and are a rich source of vitamin C.

Super Strength Garlic with Thiamin provides high strength allicin – which has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties – and uses time-release technology to prevent garlic breath. Allicin has been shown to help prevent and shorten colds, promote digestion and heart health. Thiamin is included to complement the action of garlic.