BetterYou adds two new at-home nutrient test kits

Vitamin B12 Test Kit
Vitamin B12 Test Kit

Responding to growing consumer demand for personalized products, BetterYou has added two new products to its offer: a Vitamin B12 Test Kit and an Iron Test Kit.

The BetterYou Vitamin B12 Test Kit has been developed in partnership with leading UK laboratory Forth and requires customers to take a finger prick blood test. The sample is analyzed by Forth and the results are supplied within three to four working days of the lab receiving the sample.

Also requiring a finger prick blood test, the Iron Test Kit accurately measures iron levels within the blood. The sample is again tested by the team of specialists at health optimization company Forth.

The convenient health checks aim to help individuals evaluate their levels of specific nutrients so they are able to make educated, personal choices about supplementation.

Customers can expect to receive a response from BetterYou within 48 hours of receiving the test results directly from the lab. They will then be provided with a personalized supplementation plan based upon levels recommended by Public Health England, advising how to elevate or maintain levels of the relevant nutrient. A complimentary oral spray product will also be available to customers following receipt of their test results.

BetterYou states that in a unique offering, any customer found to be seriously deficient can have a retest free of charge.

The new products join BetterYou’s original Vitamin D Test Kit which has had a makeover with new-look packaging.