Formula Botanica has announced that 2021 saw the school’s graduates and their indie beauty brands win over 130 beauty industry awards for their natural skincare and haircare solutions.

The online cosmetic school’s graduate brands were ‘outstanding performers’ in the Beauty Shortlist Awards, Green Parent Awards, FreeFrom Skincare Awards, the Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards, Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards (LUXlife Magazine) and The Africa Spa Awards.

In addition to winning main awards and categories, many more graduate products and brands won silver or bronze, were voted editors’ and readers’ choices or were finalists.

We predict 2022 will be an even busier and just as successful year for Formula Botanica graduates

“2021 was truly a year in which Formula Botanica graduates made their mark as indie beauty founders who mean business,” says CEO Lorraine Dallmeier. “Against the difficult backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, our graduates went ahead and successfully launched a record number of indie beauty brands and demonstrated just how innovation, resilience, creativity and determination pay off.”

Formula Botanica graduates and students also gained significant mainstream media coverage during the year, including BYBI Beauty getting red carpet mentions of its products in the beauty regimes of actors Billie Eilish and Megan Fox.

“We predict 2022 will be an even busier and just as successful year for Formula Botanica graduates. They continue to trailblaze not just in the indie beauty sector, but also by transforming the mainstream industry with their innovation and their commitment to infusing their businesses with sustainable practices,” adds Dallmeier.

In 2021, the school added a further 100 beauty brands to its own online gallery of newly launched graduate brands and closed the year just short of 15,000 students from some 179 countries.