Benecos has added three new colours to its line of 20-free-from, plant-based nail polishes – Cotton Candy, Lovely Lavender and Sage Green – as well as a line of accessories.

The Happy Nails polishes contain at least 80% ingredients of natural origin and are free from 20 harmful ingredients including toluene, phthalates and rosin. They are water and air permeable and formulated with French apple seed oil and biotin.

The collection of nail care products includes plastic-free vegan Nail Files (three pack) encased in an FSC-certified envelope. The files have a coarse and fine side and are made with a combination of sandpaper and birch wood. The coarser side effortlessly shapes the nails and corrects bumps and imperfections, whilst the fine side smooths the tips and shapes the surface.

Benecos’ Nail Hardener is vegan, water and air permeable and enriched with nourishing bamboo extract. Formulated with 85% ingredients of natural origin to strengthen weak nails, it helps make nails more resilient while adding a soft shimmer.

Also new is a Kaolin Nail Repair designed to smooth ridged, uneven nails with white clay to strengthen for a healthy-looking appearance with added resilience and shine.

To complete the collection, sustainable and plastic-free birch wood Manicure Sticks are ideal for cleaning underneath the nail, pushing back cuticles and tidying the nails.