Yoppie has created four new sheet masks based around the fact that women’s skin health is linked to fluctuating hormones during the menstrual cycle.

Each 100% organic cotton mask is specifically designed to treat and optimize skin health during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle to help women ‘stay one step ahead of their hormones’ when it comes to skincare.

The four masks are:

  • Winter Revival – designed to be used during week one (menstruation) during which time oestrogen and progesterone are at their lowest which can make skin feel dry, dehydrated and more sensitive than usual
  • Spring Renewal – for week two when oestrogen levels increase, which stimulates skin cell turnover, this mask helps ramp up skin renewal by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, revealing healthy looking skin.
  • Summer Sensation – with marine collagen and fucoreverse (algae extract), this mask makes the most of glowing skin during week three when oestrogen is at its peak, moisture levels are high and skin is likely to be at its best
  • Autumn Refiner balances and soothes with tea tree oil and matmarine to help absorb excess oil and activated charcoal to draw out impurities and prevent hormonal breakouts during week four when progesterone begins to rise, activating sebum production which can lead to breakouts.

“At Yoppie we’re on a mission to go beyond just ‘the bleed’ and empower women to take control of their entire menstrual cycle,” says brand founder and CEO Daniella Peri. “So after speaking with our community and conducting ongoing research into the many needs of people with periods, it has led us to the next chapter of fulfilling our mission of creating products for the entire cycle; skincare that addresses all of the skincare issues caused by our hormones.

“We truly understand the unspoken relationship between changing hormones, skincare and women’s health overall and for this very familiar issue to be tackled properly requires a deep comprehension of the biology and symptoms at play. It can’t just be a case of casually adding yet another generic skincare product to supermarket shelves.”

The 100% biodegradable sheet masks are cruelty-free, contain sustainably sourced ingredients and are packaged in recyclable pouches.