BetterYou is helping support the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition that will explore untrodden regions of the Antarctic Peninsula to undertake environmental research crucial for predicting the future of the planet.

The natural health brand will provide the team of eight military and ex-military men and women with specialist equipment and smart nutritional support while they travel over the unforgiving terrain to gather data for research around climate change, meteorology, geology and glaciology.

BetterYou has partnered with performance nutritionist Emily Whitehead to provide nutritional guidance and support overall wellbeing before, during and post-expedition. The brand has tested the vitamin and mineral levels of each team member, a process that will be repeated upon their return, in order to curate personalized supplementation programmes.

Stressing the importance of optimal nutrition for resilience, expedition team leader Paul Hart Lt Cdr RNR explains: “Countless expeditions to the Polar regions have been impacted by failures to have adequate vitamin, mineral and micro-nutrient intakes, some quite catastrophically … On the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s last Antarctic expedition, Antarctic Quest 21 will set off into the unknown, following in the spirit of those heroic adventurers. To prevent the same fate befalling my team, we are thrilled to be collaborating with nutritional experts, BetterYou.

“This idyllic partnership will support the modern-day expedition team to ensure effective performance on the ice. This will be critical to our success as they haul loads of 100kg up steep mountain slopes and across heavily crevassed glaciers to undertake our scientific mission looking at climate change and environmental damage in Antarctica.”

Adds Andrew Thomas, founder and CEO of BetterYou: “BetterYou is delighted to be chosen by Paul and the Antarctic Quest 21 team as their expert nutritional partner, safeguarding their health and wellbeing to enable scientific research and amplify awareness of the toll of humanity on our planet, Earth.

“We take the responsibility of delivering the best nutritional support very seriously and we’re looking forward to collaborating with long-time friend of the brand and outstanding nutritionist, Emily Whitehead over the next five months.

“It’s an honour to play a small part in this historic expedition that is destined to leave a legacy in scientific research and education, with endless benefit to the environment we live in.”

In addition to nutritional support, the brand is also providing the Fjellpulken Xplorer 188 sledges (known as ‘the mountain hardy sledge’) for all team members.