Clean Living has created two natural sports cleaning products to offer fitness fans effective, eco-friendly alternatives to the harsh, toxic products often used on sports equipment.

The products use Clean Living’s signature biological formulations which contain live microbes to ensure everything from yoga mats and machinery to trainers and treadmills are free from harmful bacteria and odour.

Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner features an ‘uplifting’ fresh scent and is suitable for fitness apparatus and materials, cutting through dirt, body fat and perspiration for a deep clean that leaves equipment hygienic and clean.

Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator can be used to eradicate unpleasant odours from activewear, trainers and accessories. Once spritzed, it attacks bacteria at the source without the use of masking agents, leaves behind a natural clean, fresh scent. It also builds up a barrier of good bacteria with each use to prevent the odour returning.

The products are pH neutral, cruelty-free and non-toxic to people, animals and aquatic life.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch our sports cleaning range,” says Clean Living founder Helen Bee. “The introduction of these two new products means eco-friendly cleaning can now be extended from around the home to our daily fitness routines, too.

“Using our unique biological formulations, fitness fans’ sports equipment and attire will be left hygienic, clean and beautifully fresh. It’s fantastic that we can help people to focus on getting fit this year while protecting themselves and the environment at the same time!”

The launch of the sports collection coincides with the introduction of several new products for the home, including Plastic Free Laundry Strips, Biological Floor Cleaner, Biological Multi-Mop Cleaning System, a Stainless Steel Odour Removing Soap and a Multi-Use Scrubby.