Coldpress launches new sparkling drinks, fruity coconut waters


Coldpress has expanded its range of HPP drinks by introducing a duo of healthy sparkling waters and a new collection of fruity coconut waters.

The brand has created two sparkling waters – Strawberry, Apple & Watermelon and Raspberry, Pineapple, Apple & Pear – in a bid to offer a healthier alternative to mainstream fizzy drinks. The drinks have just 64 calories in each 250ml bottle.

Coldpress founder Andrew Gibb comments: “The time’s now ripe for Coldpress to broaden its reach. Water melons, pineapples, strawberries and pears are all refreshing flavourful ingredients that we believe will benefit more from lightly carbonated sparkling water backdrop than having their hard-earned taste notes and nutritional goodness boiled off by traditional pasteurisation techniques.”

Coldpress has also introduced two new fruit coconut waters in 250ml bottles available in three varieties: Blood Orange & Mandarin; Cucumber, Lime & Mint; and Raspberry Lemon.