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Yeo Valley launches ‘fruit quest’ to find UK’s organic growers

Yeo Valley is launching a quest to locate more British organic fruit growers so it can use more home grown fruit in its products. The organic yoghurt and dairy brand has created a checklist for prospective fruit suppliers. ‘Must-haves’ include organic certification, great taste, a traceable supply chain and a least one tonne of fruit […]

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We’re not bitter anymore

Fruit and vegetables are increasingly having their tart and bitter flavours bred out of them as growers aim to please the ever-sweeter British palate. As a result, we are rapidly turning fruit and veg into junk food. That’s the warning from science journalist Marta Zaraska. Writing in New Scientist she explains that the compounds in […]

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Get refreshed with B.Fresh farm-pressed juices

Shropshire farmer Philip Maddocks has launched a new drinks brand B.Fresh which offers a range of cold-pressed pure vegetable and fruit juices, wherever possible using ingredients grown on the farm or sourced from other British farms. The fruit and veg are simply washed in spring water from the farm and then pressed to give smooth, […]

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