Amy’s Kitchen makes major push into UK market

Amy’s Kitchen, one of the US’s most successful independent natural and organic food brands, with sales exceeding $300 million, is set to make major inroads into the UK.

As well as introducing UK-specific pack designs, the company is setting up a manufacturing base in Corby as part of its commitment to using fresh, local ingredients.

A broad selection of Amy’s healthy vegetarian frozen lines is going into Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods Market, and distribution deals have already being signed with Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Andy Berliner, who in partnership with his wife Rachel founded the company in 1987, is convinced this is the right time for a broader focus on the UK market: “The core rationale for Amy’s is that it provides a relevant option for any family who want high quality food without always having the time to freshly cook it.”

“Our mantra is that the better the raw ingredients, the better the dish.  Whilst they are perfect for anyone who needs ‘free from foods’ in their diet, we believe that the rise of natural healthy eating desires over previous diet fadism is a mainstream issue, and an area where our focus on taste as well as healthy balance will help us win loyal fans. Having been in Whole Foods for 4 years it is now time for the best kept secret in London to spread its wings and be available for all.”

UK business development director Steve Warnert, who is leading the European operation after over ten years working with the Amy’s brand in the USA adds “We have already purchased a manufacturing site in Corby and once we have sourced the best possible local (where feasible) organic ingredient suppliers, we hope to produce the full range of UK stocked products at this base by 2011.  Plans for a European push can then follow.”