Beauty Bible authors’ invite to natural beauty brands

Bestselling authors of The Green Beauty Bible Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey are now working on The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, to be published in spring 2014.

As usual, this will feature results from their beauty product trials, which have now involved over 18,000 women, with each product being put through its paces over a period of months by a team of 10 women with ‘matching’ beauty concerns.  Products which appear in the book will be able to use a special ‘Beauty Bible Award-winners’ symbol on packaging/websites/in marketing materials, for the lifetime of that product (and at no charge).

“Our feedback is that brands find this a very powerful way to raise their profile, with a measured impact on product sales,” says Jo Fairley, co-author of The Beauty Bible series of books (and co-founder of Green & Black’s).  “All product feedback is also available to participating brands, which can be a really useful market research exercise in itself.”  For entry details, please e-mail [email protected].