Botanical Brands creates natural beauty packages for retailers

A range of cost-effective opening packages for independent retailers wanting to grow their natural beauty offers has been introduced by Botanical Brands.

The brands on offer are Natural Being – a nine-strong manuka honey face and bodycare range from New Zealand; Lippy Girl vegan lipstick from Canada, made from organic and wildcrafted natural oils and waxes; and the new Living Nature Sensitive Skin facial products which are based on organic extra virgin coconut oil and the harakeke flax plant from New Zealand.

The opening packages have been designed to be low-risk, low cost and compact, and are presented in space-saving merchandising stands containing a small quantity of each product in the range as well as free testers and POS material.

“We already supply our natural and organic skin care brands to Wholefoods and a number of independent health stores,” says Kim Allan of Botanical Brands, “but are keen to expand our support of independent businesses in this sector. As such, we have tailor-made these special opening packages to suit their needs and provide excellent value for money.”